SINMETRO customer distinguished with an award at the AICEP Conference

EPOS – Empresa Portuguesa de Obras Subterrâneas, S.A., a SINMETRO customer, was distinguished last Thursday, October 12th, with an award in the “Best Investment” category at the AICEP Annual Conference.

Responsible for the preparation and management of the application to the Productive Innovation incentive system that allowed fund raising in this award’s scope, the SINMETRO team saw its work publicly recognized by the EPOS Administrator at the award ceremony. “I thank AICEP for this award and especially the team that supported and guided us in this investment: our partner SINMETRO”, highlighted Engineer Dias de Carvalho. 

The AICEP distinction in the “Best Investment” category highlighted the milestones reached by EPOS in 2021: a total sales volume of 62.6 million euros and a GVA (Gross Added Value) of 37.6 million euros. With 36 years of longevity and 787 employees, EPOS executes large-scale projects in the area of underground construction, as well as instrumentation and monitoring of structures, in the Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Peruvian and Colombian markets.

Epos reciving award
Source: AICEP

This year’s ceremony was also attended by the Prime Minister António Costa, who handed over the distinctions and highlighted that Portugal had an “absolutely extraordinary” evolution in terms of its export capacity. “15 years ago, the weight of exports in GDP was 31%. In 2021, it was 42% and this year we are already here at a number that is very close to the 50%, which we set as a goal for the mid-decade”, revealed António Costa, highlighting the adaptability and resilience of Portuguese companies to the new and mainly adverse economic and financial contexts that have marked the last two decades.

The AICEP Awards, awarded for the fourth consecutive year, aim to highlight the best performance in terms of exports and impact on investment, divided into two categories: Best Investment and Best Exporting SME. See the AICEP Conference here.

Our sincere congratulations to EPOS and we thank you very much for trusting the SINMETRO team.