A team assessment of Moldplás 2022

SINMETRO was present, as it could not be otherwise, for the second consecutive year, at Moldplás, the reference fair in the industrial area of molds and plastics in Portugal. Between the 9th and 12th of November, our specialist consultants were at the Exposalão Exhibition Centre, in Batalha, with our German partners IKOffice GmbH. This is our team’s assessment of Moldplás 2022.

Several were the reasons and expectations of those who visited Moldplás this year. In the previous edition, the fair reached expressive numbers of which we highlight the participation of 200 exhibiting companies, 1000 represented brands and 18.000 visitors. In this sense, this was once again an opportunity to present new proposals and innovations in optimization and modernization of the molds and plastics sector. More than presenting new solutions, Moldplás is already a symbol of contact, sharing and exchange of ideas between companies and the market. 

In partnership with IKOffice GmbH, we set up stand 2B14 in the image of our ACCEPT System – Quality Control Solutions. Below, is the result of months of preparation. It was precisely there that we presented ACCEPT solutions, which allow significant reductions in costs and waste, ensuring operational efficiency and a continuous data flow, and our work methodology in the strategic and operational development of Organizational and Productive Innovation, R&D, R&DT, Digitization, Reengineering and Continuous Improvement of Processes. 

On the second day of the fair, the 10th, the World Quality Day was celebrated. On our social networks, we challenged all followers to come and meet us to talk in person about how to improve industrial quality results, while enjoying a coffee.  

“There were many study visits on weekdays, which, despite not being our target audience, brought a lot of life and movement to the Moldplás 2022 corridors. And they asked for a lot of freebies! 😃”, began by sharing Gonçalo Martins, Product Manager of Software ACCEPT and Partner of SINMETRO. 

The entire team said that it was very important and comforting to have the visit of current clients, as it allowed us to interact more closely, strengthen ties, and build bridges to new projects. The presence of our partners IKOffice GmbH, who built a powerful solution for the planning and management of mold production, always generated a lot of curiosity and interest in several visitors.  

For Nelson Santos, Business Developer, “it is always a pleasure to return to Moldplás and reinforce our presence within the molds and plastics industry. It was once again a positive experience due to the contact with current clients, whose projects are in the development phase, potential clients and partners”.

As in the previous edition, we had many visitors interested in our ACCEPT System – Quality Control Solutions, who shared their ideas and challenges for improving the processes of companies that are in a phase beginning of the digital transformation, and there was a growth related to energy efficiency concerns. “Typically, the concern in the area of machine monitoring was very focused on operational efficiency, and due to the current context, the issue of controlling energy costs was a priority issue”, said Gonçalo Martins and our Senior Consultant Rui Silva.  

Cristina Barros, CEO of SINMETRO, highlights the importance and relationship between energy costs and the decarbonization of the industry. “As the transition to decarbonization is now a priority for many companies, which share the goal of ensuring compliance with the objectives established for carbon neutrality, and in view of the successive increases in energy prices, we are, at this moment, dedicating part of our research into the control and efficiency of energy consumption from fuels, fuel mix and biomass, in contexts such as energy-intensive companies”.

And there was space and time for a new and very positive experience in this edition. “It was the fact that we contacted other exhibitors who offered to help implement our product more efficiently and quickly, providing support in areas that we do not master, such as robotics, electronics and automation”, highlighted Ricardo Gonçalves, Information Systems Manager. 

To sum up, several business opportunities have opened for us to work on in the near future. We thank you, with great affection, for all the moments, visits, shares and ideas that marked these four days. We smile with our eyes, and this only happens when we work with joy, dedication and professionalism. We say goodbye with joy from our team and our partners IKOffice GmbH.

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