Lean Six Sigma

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We develop training and coaching programs for Lean Six Sigma projects for our clients.

In an i4.0 era, it is critical to optimize products, processes and empower people and organizations to focus on value-added activities and be able to define an acquisition architecture, management and indexing data, as well as the treatment and analysis of that data that monitor, in real time, the performance of their processes and products. Only in this way is it possible to base preventive, curative and corrective actions that reduce variability and waste, for example: excess product in packaging, machine downtime, reduced production speed, excess sampling, etc.

The work of the SINMETRO team intends, therefore, to advocate the adoption of structured methodologies, to respond to these challenges and generate good practices of analytical thinking in the optimization of processes.

The methodology to be adopted in these projects depends on the initial diagnosis and, generally, follows the five phases of the Six Sigma Methodology, namely:

01 SET

the process / operation / service that needs to be changed, understand its impact on the organization, select a team and identify the needed resources to implement this change.


the state of the art of the critical variables of the process targeted in the study, using statistical data analysis, previously validating the way they are measured and controlled.


any cause-effect relationships between these variables, trends and / or randomness of their behaviour. Compare possibilities for improvement, test the most viable solutions (for example through an experiment plan) and decide for the optimal solution to be implemented in a pilot mode, while drawing up an implementation plan that minimizes costs and risks.


the process implementing the optimal solution, still in a proof of concept phase, in a pilot area (typically selecting the most difficult area).


and assess the impact of the solution that is being tested in a pilot mode, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the improvement actions and evaluate the scale up for other processes. In this process, it is intended to ensure, through the project management, the new generated knowledge endogenization and its dissemination in the organization.

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