SINMETRO has been working with and for the industry for over 21 years in the strategic and operational development of projects in the following areas: R&D, I&DT, Digitalization, Global Industry 4.0 Strategies, Organizational and Productive Innovation, Decarbonization, Reengineering and Continuous Process Improvement. We have an accumulated experience of 214 projects that allows us today to help companies to further revolutionize their industries, depending on different geographical contexts and based on the premises of digital transformation and the use of our ACCEPT System and other commercial or custom solutions developed by us.

Our ability to act in areas of product, process, technology, or business model development is recognized and certified through various recognitions and statutes, which have been awarded to us in recent years by various bodies. Learn how these recognitions and statutes distinguish SINMETRO as a reputable R&D entity, showing high standards of financial strength, economic performance, innovation, and advanced training.

SINMETRO is an Accredited Entity for Professional Training


Since 2004, SINMETRO has been an entity accredited by DGERT to provide professional training in the following fields of expertise: business sciences, organizational/company framework, statistics, engineering, and related techniques.

DGERT certification

SINMETRO is Recognized by ANI for R&D Activities


This certification allows our clients to have their investments in Research & Development with SINMETRO recognized under SIFIDE.

ANI certification

Cotec’s Innovative Statute



SINMETRO has been recognized with COTEC INNOVATOR STATUS in 2021, 2022, and 2023 for our high standards of financial strength, innovation skills and economic performance.

Innovative Statute 2023
Innovative Statute 2022
Innovative Statute 2021
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