Who we are

SINMETRO was founded, in 2002, to present ACCEPT software – Industrial Quality Control to the market. Since then, we have been working with Industry on digitization projects – using our ACCEPT system and other commercial solutions – and technology consulting – in areas such as Research & Development (R&D), Organizational and Productive Innovation, Industry 4.0 Global Strategies and Continuous Improvement and/or Process Reengineering through Lean & 6 Sigma methodologies.

Management Team

Cristina Barros, sócia-fundadora da SINMETRO

Cristina Barros

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Gonçalo Martins, Product Manager do Software ACCEPT.

Gonçalo Martins

Paulo Santos, Sócio e Responsável pela direção financeira da SINMETRO

Paulo Santos


SINMETRO’s Innovation Curriculum

The Research and Development (R&D) area plays a crucial role at SINMETRO, in the context of pursuing a strategy of differentiation and positioning as an innovative player in the market.

Its innovation curriculum, which began in 2000, even before the founding of the company, focuses on the development of the ACCEPT software, on SINMETRO’s value, its team and on internationalization.

A multidisciplinary team capable of responding to the most diverse challenges.